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Life in 4 stanzas

With each life
Comes mouldable clay
Make it, break it
Or do okay

With each day comes
A slice of joy
Simple pleasures
Make our stay 

With each light
Comes a shining beacon
That beckons wisps
To come its way

With each will
There is a way
We'll then do more
Than just okay

Dedicated to my father on Father's Day :)

© Dylan Wong . All Rights Reserved.

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We must be vigilant to 

the shards of  radiance and splendor 

that flash 

before our squinting cynic eyes.

© Mark Pringle . All Rights Reserved.

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Unspoken Words

I often scribble in the sand 

The words I find so hard to say

And hope the wind will come along 

And blow them all your way.


Contest: Simply Beautiful

Sponsor: Kelly Deschler

Placing: 2nd   (April 2015)

Contest: Five Lines or Less

Sponsor: Black Eyed Susan

Placing: 2nd   (April  2014)

© Paul Callus . All Rights Reserved.

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Pink and perfect mystery 

to which I ply my finger, 

she ripens so exquisitely

the longer that I linger

and fluff the modest blossom

with my gentle loving hand,

teasing, ever pleasing

so that now I understand

how beautiful the flower

that yields without duress,

blooming now so fully

in the warmth of my caress.

© Keith Bickerstaffe . All Rights Reserved.

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- Body In Different Shapes -

Flash with lightning speed ~ quickly and mercilessly

You have, after all, learned that beauty is more than the eye can see

The outer has undeniably its value and function

It is not just, what's inside that counts

Beauty is in the eye of the one who sees

Appearance are becoming more important for all age groups


Sun :) - A-L Andresen :)

(unrhymed couplets)

Copyright © All Rights Reserved

© Sunshine Smile . All Rights Reserved.

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A fragile winter butterfly
Flutters from the sky
So soft and yet her heart
Is cold and made of ice
But if I warm it
She will melt and die


Author:  Elaine George

© Elaine George . All Rights Reserved.

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Basketball Lifestyle


It's not a sport

It's a lifestyle

No one understands

What it means to play it

Not for the money

Not for the fame

But the love for the game


Not a sport

It's a lifestyle

© Brian Jinanwa . All Rights Reserved.

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Autumn's Season

Autumn brushes her hair slowly
Letting the glorious colors
flow gently to the earth below.
Showing off vibrant colors 
 in contrast to summer's green dress.
 Out doing the starkness,
of winter's white coat.
Autumn compares the mutable
shades of spring to her fall
Giving a sigh ,end of another season.
She packs her brush 
as frost touches her tips.

© Phyllis Babcock . All Rights Reserved.

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I wish - poem for my granddaughter

I wish I could look at a flower through your eyes
and discover why you are so fascinated by it.

I wonder why your eyes glisten
when you look at the stars,
and why you smile at the moon.

I wish I could find out what triggers you
to jump and skip, or giggle with glee
and I strain my ears to hear the silent melody
which causes you to break out in song.

I wish I could embrace someone so firmly
as you do when you jump up to greet me.

I wish I were like you when I was a child.

© David De La Croes . All Rights Reserved.

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Sweet Granddaughter

Just for a while,

My pretty, sweet Vivian Rose,

Give me a smile!

trillnea O

© Joyce Johnson . All Rights Reserved.

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A Ripple In Time

A new borns cry
Tearful last good bye

Swaying waves of golden prairie grass
Shifting desert dunes - an hour glass

An acorn dropping among forest leaves
To mighty oak - a lifetime of dreams

The changing moon - to full again
Each morn' the sun - new skies begin

Eagles soar high - our hearts go there
These ripples in time - we all share

©Donna Jones

© Donna Jones . All Rights Reserved.

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Hoje e sempre,

É bom lembrar: 

toda a gente

tem direito ao sucesso!


O que é preciso é gente 

que aumente a crença da gente,

gente com mente 

que progride sempre!


A gente 

Que é gente


O que quer que caiba na mente.

© Giacomo Nerone . All Rights Reserved.

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One World

Love is not a color,
No hue, neither a race.
All of our blood is the same, 
That runs deep within our veins.

If we could lift up each other,
And know that we all care.
If we help our sisters and brothers,
There's a bond that we'll share.

©2013 Honestly JT

© Honestly J.T. . All Rights Reserved.

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A Tribute to my late husband

loves longing takes me across the river
over the mountains and along the shore

you are here because i will it so 
and because love knows no boundary

your body is gone but your love
lives here within my heart

my days grow shorter and my nights
seem darker now

i am sad at times because you are gone
happier still to have had you in my life for so long

your love is here and my breath is your breath
and will remain so until i can no longer inhale

goodbye my love

until we meet again...

© Sharon Ruebel . All Rights Reserved.

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The Free Throws

State Championship on the line.
Today I have been shooting just fine.
When I got the ball I yowled.
The defender on me has just fouled.
Two free throws just for me.
Will I make them?  We will see.
The first one bounces up and in.
Just one more and we will win.
 I shoot the ball and get it done.
I cant believe that we just won! 

© Nikolas Fantocone . All Rights Reserved.

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Night Comes

Softly and sadly
Up on the knoll;
The vesper bell
Begins to toll.

Lock all the doors
Blow out the light;
The hour is late
Sleep comes with the night.

Close all the windows
Smother the fire;
Sound slips into silence
When mortals retire.

Downstairs is deserted
No one in the hall
Nirvana of sleep
Rules over all.

A day's work completed
Now done like the day;
Rest is now needed
For those made of clay.

How soft is the night
Where dark shadows fall;
The seduction of sleep
Captures us all.

© Elizabeth Wesley . All Rights Reserved.

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<center>thick blanket of snow

snuggling the flowerbeds 

with a winter wrap

Jan Allison

6th October 2014</center>

© JAN ALLISON . All Rights Reserved.

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Beauty Inside

Your beauty deep inside

Behind those bedroom eyes

Most men will fail to find

With you only as a prize

I can see it clear as day

Shining from your soul

Hiding from the prey

It truly makes you whole

So wipe away your tears

Set your beauty free

Leave behind your fears

Come walk away with me

© Tim Smith . All Rights Reserved.

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Basketball is for Everybody


Telling blacks not to come to a basketball game.

That is such a racist remark and a shame.

Making such a comment is an absurdity.

In the professional basketball community,

African-Americans make up the great majority.

Those words said were a public disgrace.

Everywhere in any professional sports place,

room should be made for any color and race.

from a news story found on


© Robert Pettit . All Rights Reserved.

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My Perfect Granddaughter NR

My perfect Granddaughter,
She did what she outta,
And asked before going to play.

But we didn't know,
The babe needed to go,
So, she did it outside that day.

Her Mom, full of laughter,
Was quick to chase after,
And told her that she shouldn't do it.

The babe said,"It's OK!"
"Whenever I play,
I'll be sure not to run through it!"

© Ray Dillard . All Rights Reserved.

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Snow Angels

Imprints of snow angels

Winding their way to heaven..

© Valerie Bellefleur . All Rights Reserved.

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I play keeper very fine.
When the ball comes its all mine.
Bam!! Goes the ball off the pole.
I just saved another goal.
Whack!!  The ball has been shot.
It comes to me and Ive caught.
You can try and try and try.
You will never get the ball by.

© Nikolas Fantocone . All Rights Reserved.

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Scout To Kill a Mockingbird

Dresses, bows, make-up, this is who

I am not, dont put me

In a dress

Ill give you an insight of my life, I have a neighbor who

We call Boo

My brother Jem, who is older

Believes he is bolder

Atticus we call him, never dad

He never says we couldnt, but I dont want him to get mad

There is a boy name Dill

He comes every summer, to his aunts

He can be a bit of a pill

Together we act like mice

Sneaking around

But a price

We have to pay

To see another day 

© Liz Mynaugh . All Rights Reserved.

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Love so Deep

<center><b>I crave a love so deep
The ocean would be jealous</b></center>

Author Unknown

© Russell Sivey . All Rights Reserved.

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Environment pollution

We need to control
Environment pollution
By hook or by crook

© Asif Andalib . All Rights Reserved.

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